What is Gloria Victis?

Gloria Victis is a low fantasy medieval FREE MMORPG that values realism in terms of game mechanics. Our game is set in a parallel universe of X-XV century Europe and Middle-East with the corresponding nations.

The fundamental difference that our development has with large game studios is the spirit in which we are making the game. Gloria Victis is founded on frustration and passion ‒ frustration at the lack of a game that is truly innovative and worth playing, and passion for the medieval period. As such, Gloria Victis is not driven by fiscal goals but actually the desire to create a game that truly belongs to gamers.

Combat. How fast are you?

Combat in medieval times was a gruesome affair ‒ men had to be within close quarters and personally deliver the killing blow, personally watch their foes choke in their own blood. However the sword also brought honour and riches to those skilled enough to take it.

In Gloria Victis, the skill of the player plays an integral part in the outcome of fights where simply mashing the keyboard will not suffice. We aim to capture the grit, the gruesomeness of medieval combat as well as splendour of tournaments. To this end, Gloria Victis operates on a non-targeted combat system where the player must attack in the correct direction as well as from the correct distance.

There will be a plethora of combat options available to players, whether it be jousting, single combat, hunting or grand campaigns in realm vs realm wars.


Nations and huge conflict.

Decades of religious and political conflict have marred the land. From the frigid tundras of the North to the parched deserts of the South, everything bears the scars of war. The peoples that inhabit the lands vary as much as the lands themselves do. Aside from the obvious differences in physical appearance, the races in Gloria Victis also have very different ideologies, cultures as well as political systems.

Choosing a nation in which to settle and start a life is not solely a matter of political allegiances but also very much a lifestyle choice. However, despite the differences between the nations, one thing's for certain: whether you find kinship with the mead-swigging Ismirs or affinity with the proud Midlanders, you will find yourselves presented with countless opportunities.

It is not a matter of where you will make a name for yourself, but how you will make a name for yourself.


Realistic equipment.

An individual’s social standing, wealth and trade in Medieval times could be easily discerned by examining the clothes the individual was wearing. Fashion in medieval times was remarkably diverse as one dressed according to their role and status in society.

The clothing system in Gloria Victis will correspondingly offer a wide variety of choices, from simple shirts to lavish gowns ‒ there will be an option to appeal to every palate. Weapons and armour also possess this quality of diversity, representing the lack of standardisation stemming from the decentralised military systems of the Medieval Period.

The player will be able to choose from a lavish array of weapons that actually existed in Medieval times, ranging from the canonical sword to the more obscure voulge as well as an extensive variety of armours from simple leather to the awe-inspiring plate.


Crafting. Become a master.

Production was an integral part of Medieval society and was inseparable from the day to day lives of those who lived in that period. It was a time of self-sufficiency where everyone had a rudimentary understanding of every craft.

However, there were also those that truly excelled in a specific craft and made it their profession. The fame of these masters would spread well beyond the borders of their nation and men from exotic lands would come to them seeking their products.

Gloria Victis will be attempting to recreate this prestige associated with being a Master Craftsman. Crafting in Gloria Victis is extended through mini-activities at each crafting process where the skill of the player, not chance is the determining factor of success.

Which of the ten trades will you attempt to Master?


Religion. Do you believe?

In Gloria Victis, religions are as varied as their followers. Some are monotheistic faiths while others offer the faithful entire pantheons of deities. The diversity manifests itself also in the different expectations towards believers.

The differences in religious thought have resulted in crusades and a Holy War, turning Midlanders and Azebs into mortal enemies. The echoes of this conflict resonate throughout the world, forcing other nations to take sides. In the Middle Ages, faith was not a private matter – it could determine the fate of entire countries. And so it is in Gloria Victis.


Dynamic weather system.

The lands in Gloria Victis will be graced by the presence of various seasons as well as weather conditions. However, a day and night cycle, the changing of seasons and dynamic weather are not just for show, but are intimately tied to the game and each have their own effect upon game mechanics.

The time of day for instance determines the behaviour of NPCs ‒ some retire to their homes to sleep and unscrupulous muggers will begin to prowl the streets. The player in Gloria Victis will need to plan their adventures in accordance with the time of day, seasons as well as weather conditions, much like how one would in real life. Gloria Victis will feature eleven different weather types and numerous parameters such as luminosity or temperature.