Gloria Victis Game

Culture and Government

There is lots to say about what Sangmar once was. It was, truly, an intersection of many diverse cultures from all over the world; home for the greatest philosophers, inventors and artists; an empire so great and vast it was beyond bounds of a common man’s imagination. All this greatness has fallen like a colossus with legs of clay as the Azebs had arisen and like a violent storm sweeping all that stands in its way – started to conquer the south. Sangarians, unavailingly awaiting Midland’s aid – were forced to sheathe their weapons.

Sangmar’s basileus kneeled before the Azebian khagan, kissed the scrolls of truth – and saved his nation’s riches. Walls of Baalhammon, the only city left to Sangarians – are dripping with gold, clothes amaze with opulence, and stalls are full of such wonderful goods that no northern merchant ever dreamt of. However, there only thing Sangarians cannot buy is – freedom.

The People

Sangarians are mainly dark-haired and bright-eyed, however blondes are witnessed as well. They have a quite tanner complexion, however not as fair as their Azebian neighbors. They are as tall as Midlanders, but thinner, weaker and less resistant. Unlike other cultures, they often shave their faces smooth, considering beards a symbol of savagery.

Since ages, Sangmar has been home to the greatest masters in various arts – the culture mix allowed to exchange experience and ideas by both crafters and artists. Sangmar is a place where even a bricklayer strives for perfection and a skilled cook is as highly valued as a royal sculptor – for each profession has been mastered to a form of art.

Sangarians’ dominant feature is pride. They glory in inventions; amaze with pompous, opulent robes, glittering diadems and overall prosperity. The same pride, however, does not allow them to forget of glorious times when the empire stretched from the vast dune sea in the south up to the sapphire waters of Lordy Bay located in the north. For what are the world’s greatest riches against bondage?

The military

Last ages will surely not be written gold in military chronicles of Sangmar – for Azebs have conquered nearly all of its cities and holds. All but one – Baalhammon, a city surrendered by Sangarians to avoid bloodshed.

Still, Sangarian forges are famous for their impressive goods. Crossing of cultures opened new routes – only Sangmar has such finely forged cuirasses and richly embroidered caparisons. Only in Baalhammon, a simple sword can amaze with its perfect weighting and delicacy.

Still-existing army of Sangmar wears fabulous armor – beautifully adorned, full lamellar and corazzina armor along with face-covering zischagges. In case of infantry it is usually a coifed helmed; riders and the rich wear steel masks, picturing particular deities. Their weapons shine with all of their splendor – glittering gems and shining golden inscriptions amaze all those who manage to witness a Sangarian blade unsheathed.

Through ages, Sangmar favored Midland, but from Midland they expected aid – which never came.

The Lands

The only city remaining in possession of the Sangarians is Baalhammon – the last stronghold of science and high culture which used to be the hallmarks of the Sangarian Empire.

The climate is typically southern – hot, though not as extreme as in Azebia. The soil is richer, too, so the inhabitants have no problem providing themselves with food. However, the majority of land receives frequent visits from the Azebs who seize the crops to feed their armies.