Christmas update - new characters models applied! [Changelog v.]


The biggest update in the entire history of Gloria Victis has just been released! Not only we have implemented new character models and reworked character creation system – you also receive 7 redesigned settlements, great expansion of the locations upgrading system and Christmas content! The last but not least - as a Christmas gift we gave all of you one point to reset your attributes.

Speaking of Holidays – Merry Christmas, Gloria Victis players! Many times your awesome continuous support gave us energy boost which allowed us to release 34 regular updates since Steam EA release (in just 6 months!), be able to finally establish an office after hard times of remote work, expand the development team and start cooperation with one of the best animators in the industry – only thanks to your priceless support all these achievements could become real. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and see you in battle!

P.S. Special thanks for the internal testers group for awesome help with countless tests of this update – we owe you one!

Work in Progress:

– Our designers are reworking 4 remaining settlements into the new upgrades system
– Programmers are working on character controller and synchronization overhaul
– New animations are being prepared to the final implementation
– Dozens of events for new players will be added on peninsula South of Dunfen
– Inventory and depots system should finally get moved into new system within 2 weeks
– Once work on the male character is done, our artists will start implementation of female character
– In the nearest future we will focus on optimization improvements and bug fixes
– Editor of existing characters will be implemented soon, so you will be able to re-customize your current avatars and change gender once female model is introduced

Changelog v.

Characters overhaul!

– Introduced reworked models of playable character – they have now 10 times more details than before
– Implemented extended options of character’s face customization
– Implemented tattoos and face painting
– Implemented starting archetypes which help new players to smoothly start the game
– Implemented an optional ability to pick starting archetype by answering a series of questions
– Redesigned interface of character creation

Territory Control

– Redesigned 3 towns – Leaktown, Twinfall and Scarsdale – greatly improving their defense values
– Redesigned farms and mines
– Implemented new upgradable objects: main building (a tower) and crafting workshops (for now only in Leaktown, Twinfall, Scarsdale)
– Implemented visible changes of guardhouses and resources nodes after each upgrade
– Introduced requirement to upgrade the main building before other objects can be upgraded – it must be upgraded to higher level than other buildings (for now only in Leaktown, Twinfall and Scarsdale)
– Redesigned the location upgrade window

Brace yourselves, Christmas has come!

– Added Christmas events in Dunfen, Mereley and Lord’s Wrath Abbey
– Added Christmas decorations, including Christmas tree placed in reworked towns – color of baubles depends on which nation controls given settlement


– Implemented a new type of dynamic event – delivery of required items (it has been used in Christmas events) which uses modified upgrade window
– Implemented a new global event – hunt for old aurochs and old darkhound which appear somewhere in the world
– Modified the /unstuck command – from now on it moves a player to the closest location controlled by players’ nation instead of capital city
– Optimized memory usage of the dynamic events system
– From now on, world events will start even if tournament won’t launch
– Added delay at the end of tournament to allow you to check the score table before moving back to the world
– Fixed displaying the Contribution Points
– Numerous minor fixes and improvements
– Numerous server-side optimizations
- As a Christmas gift we gave all of you one point to reset your attributes

Known issues

– Temporarily disabled a world event taking place in catacombs
– Models of sticks and some shields have been temporarily replaced with other models – they will be restored soon
– Some armors and weapons can be glitching – they will be fixed soon
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    22-12-2016 21:09

    >> First Off, Thank You All For Your Hard Work! This Patch Is Truly Fantastic! I'm Hyped! +1 <<


    Work in Progress:

    – Editor of existing characters will be implemented soon, so you will be able to re-customize your current avatars and change gender once female model is introduced

    Currently my in-game character looks like a hulking, baby faced, monster... ;C
    Please implement some sort of way to re-customize our existing characters, ASAP! In my opinion the new models are fantastic and set a great foundation for the future! +1


    Work in Progress:

    – Programmers are working on character controller and synchronization overhaul

    Speaking of Coding...
    I believe I speak for some players when I say this game needs to URGENTLY review certain aspects of its combat, hit boxes, and player collision! <<<

    (For Example: Multiple instances I, as well as others, have encountered an enemy wielding a 2hander that is able to run-up and clip through our own character's shield, as we attempt to block their oncoming attack. It is possible to Stab with 2h Spears through player's blocks. It is extremely easy to Stab players through settlement gates. Making it a pain for most attackers, having no way to fight back against defenders exploiting this.)

    In my opinion combat needs to be flushed out, and improved on before I feel the game can continue to develop in the Amazing direction that it has been heading in!

    Bottomline, combat feels like an awkward Dance between you and the other player. And not in a good way. You end up getting a stalemate of constant kicking, rapid blocking (even with larger weapons), and what I guess can be chalked up to wonky hit boxes.

  2. avatar


    23-12-2016 04:21

    Okay, about the character customization...
    1. I think we need more hairstyles... Well, that's my opinion, but there certainly were people with long hair even when it comes to the medieval era.
    2. Skin Tone is actually shown as "Hair Colour"
    3. Whether we look at the beard or the hair, the first option is shown but it's the same thing as nothing (That big red "X").
    4. None of the tattoos are shown in the character customization (when I select one, it doesn't change anything at all).
    5. The second and third beard are shown as the same.
    6. The body customization needs more work, but you guys already know that, right ?

    I think that's pretty much all the "bad things" about the character customization. Overall it's still good, but it needs improvements.

    And as mentioned previously, our characters are really ugly at the moment.

  3. avatar


    23-12-2016 12:52

    Has there been any update on the texture issues that people have been having since the update?

    I have noticed a few others expressing their concerns of the issue (as well as myself) where everything is black / silver other than the ground / foliage.

    I have taken advice from the steam community page to update drivers / reinstall / validate files but the issue still persists, making the game rather unplayable.

  4. avatar


    23-12-2016 14:58

    We're still working on it, doing our best to solve it as soon as possible.

  5. avatar


    23-12-2016 20:09

    New hotfix has been applied. We are still working on bugged textures for some users and another issues.

    – Implemented next model of character’s head – due to various reasons it couldn’t be applied earlier
    – Improved appearance of the default character’s face
    – Fixed an issue causing displaying the character’s model in the character selection menu, even if none was created by a player
    – Changed position on diggers blocking the door of main building in the Mines of Dunfen
    – FIxed an issue with of one of the wall segments in Twinfall – it’s scaffolding will no longer be spawned on the upgrades table
    – Rebalanced amount of experience and money earned after completing the Christmas events

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    23-12-2016 20:13

    Looking forward to seeing the other towns! You guys did amazing with the town remodeling.

  7. avatar


    27-12-2016 06:24

    "In addition to recruiting a talented and experienced animator we have also made the first installment towards the usage of motion capture technology"

    I read this in a thread will the new animations be motion capture ? anyways hopefully directional blocks get animated and that we get housing and cube poker XD can´t wait till the game is more finished.

  8. avatar


    27-12-2016 06:26

    i tested it a while ago but it was too laggy. i really hope the new animator will make froper fps arms and animations for 1st Person

  9. avatar


    27-12-2016 09:30

    Logged in to find the texture issue is now resolved for me, thanks wicked work guys!

  10. avatar


    27-12-2016 16:20


    Logged in to find the texture issue is now resolved for me, thanks wicked work guys!

    Great to hear! :)