Kingdom for a castle! - Changelog v.

Safety of massive stone walls and enforced gate; sounds of toasts and smell of roasted meat filling the great hall; walls decorated with tapestries, weapons and banners of the family - a castle keep that each lord would be proud of. Now you can have one! Check the latest Gloria Victis update and enjoy having an own keep worthy of your power with brand new, fully upgradable model of main building! Oh, and don’t forget to show it off to your creepy neighbours!

See you in battle!

Changelog v.


– Introduced a brand new model of fully upgradable main building in 6 settlements (Leaktown, Twinfall, Seaclaw, Scarsdale, Order of the Original Faith’s Keep, Castle Audunstede)
– Added a new event taking place in recently added location in the middle of Stoneholm
– Added additional guards to siege camps which spawn when a town located on one nation’s side is controlled by enemy
– Added NPC smiths to the Last Stand forts
– Introduced a possibility to interact with NPCs which have no dialog – after interaction a speech will start
– Added new buffs for dominated nations in case of 70% and 85% flags controlled by enemy to reduce the one nation’s domination
– Added new UI sound effects


– Improved assortment of NPC smiths in player-run settlements – in general they offer better goods than in starting towns but the best wares can be found in castles (Order of the Original Faith’s Keep, Castle Audunstede, Lord’s Wrath Abbey)
– Added expensive recipes for high quality materials (i.e. dziwer bars) to assortment of NPC vendors
– Increased prices of goods offered by NPC vendors
– Rebalanced levels of recipes for high-quality bowstrings
– Removed recipes from assortment the Prosperous Merchants
– Restored recipe for the Flat Top Helm with Mask and Mail Coif and increased its’ statistics


– Fixed an issue causing problems with launching second tournament on specific servers
– Disabled PVP looting points decrease over time, it should will fix most of issues with looting (we are aware of the safe zone issue and we added additional debugs to this version, so we should be able to fix it in next release)
– Fixed some bows recipes which were creating products with wrong ID (database consistency fix)
– Removed items with wrong ID from assortment of NPC vendors (database consistency fix)
– Fixed icon of linseed oil
– Fixed error in inventory which caused selled items were not removed from it and could be selled repetitively resulting in inappropriate gold creation.

Combat Update Insight:

We know, that combat/animations overhaul is long overdue and community is getting impatient, to say the least. So, just a quick heads up for you guys: we are polishing. It’s a long, yet rewarding process, as we are tweaking little details over and over again to exterminate bugs and make sure it feels great to roam and fight. Team members responsible for combat work on it non-stop. Unfortunately, such is the nature of games development: every system, especially core mechanics, needs to be iterated to make it perfect and that’s why it takes so much time. On the bright side though – that’s polish phase already! We intensively debug and test internally. Sneak peek of old vs new system will be released as soon as possible.
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    17-03-2017 20:30

    Great work ^_^

    Btw are you going to release a new trailer before the big update?
    That could get a lot of people even more hyped :p

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    21-03-2017 13:18


    Great work ^_^

    Btw are you going to release a new trailer before the big update?
    That could get a lot of people even more hyped :p