What we are working on? Work-in-progress insight [2017-04-21]

Hello, warriors! We would like to give you an insight on what we are working on!

The core of our team is completely focused on testing and polishing the combat update. We keep fixing discovered issues and applying improvements to make sure the combat feels great and offers amazing medieval battle experience.

Other team members, who can’t contribute into combat update, keep working on new content. First of all, we are preparing to introduce new playable nation! Azebs will come with brand new, uniquely looking equipment adequate to their nomadic culture and harsh conditions they’ve grown in. We are also already working on architecture models so we will be able to create the very first Azeb settlements.

We are also coming close to apply the map expansion! It will add more than 50% to available lands, greatly expanding our possibilities for PVP and PVE content. New lands will come with numerous new locations which players will be able to claim and upgrade for the glory of their nation. Vast hunting areas are to come as well, therefore we are going to introduce new species of wild animals, including deers and wild cats.

Overall, we are truly excited to see these changes coming to life in the nearest future!

See you in battle!
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    21-04-2017 16:14

    Wow, Great to hear all of this. This is a steady progress. Sure everyone is waiting for the combat update but GV Dev's keep pushing fixes and new content..Every week there is something that is happening. Thanks for you dedicated hard work.

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    21-04-2017 18:23

    Beauty, Bart!

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    21-04-2017 21:10


    Beauty, Bart!

    Hey, haven't seen your name in a long time! :)

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    22-04-2017 05:47

    This is all good news :D

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    22-04-2017 09:04

    But where is the special-epic-legendary-majestic fox named SoilFox that you can only find once every 2 months?!?!?!?! D:<

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    22-04-2017 10:47


    But where is the special-epic-legendary-majestic fox named SoilFox that you can only find once every 2 months?!?!?!?! D:<

    He's busy commenting in the forums on every update. :P

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    05-06-2017 14:39

    I think you may have already done the world expansion, but I think you should consider player base before expanding it any more than it is. Already, there arent enough players to control the current land size. At least, dont put control points in the new land, just make them wild.

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    02-07-2017 01:52

    Disagree with Urzen. I think adding new race and more settlements etc is a great way of gaining new players, and isn't likely to upset current players. I mean... new warriors new lands new armour style, yeh that sounds terrible!

    I think also, maybe a good idea would be in Azeb lands in desert other races get extra stamina drain due to heat, but azebs don't. Keep the style of light armour and give natural advantage to Azeb, otherwise like Ismir and Mid they just going to be wearing plate armour in the desert and it will look... strange.

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    13-02-2018 08:45