Fixes, improvements and some palm trees! (Changelog v.

Hello, warriors!

Even though the core of our team keeps working hard on introducing the first guild-controlled location and Auction House – both coming in the nearest updates – we have another weekly patch for you! First, it adds a new reporting system allowing you to let us know directly about found bugs and improper behavior of other players. Also, from now on you can see exact coordinates of the map markers created by you and your party members. There are several fixes and minor improvements too, as well as further client- and server-side optimization changes. Enjoy!

Changelog v.


– Introduced an in-game system allowing you to report experienced bugs (ESC window) and improper behavior of other players (by clicking on their messages in chat window)
– Added displaying coordinates of the map markers
– Improved visuals of starting areas of the Azebian Empire
– Reworked icons of the nations’ flags on the map – from now on, each nation’s flag has different shape
– Improved sound effects of players characters and NPCs
– Further client- and server-side optimization


– Fixed 2 recently added Azebian quests: “Balk is a santified thing!” and “Come to the wall!”
– Fixed Ismirean quest “Wolf brought to the furrier” – from now on it can also be completed after defeating the poachers’ chieftain
– Fixed an issue causing a few seconds long freezing of the starting scene on some configurations
– Fixed an issue causing that client-side performance drop after changing keybinds from default which lasted until relogging
– Fixed an issue with the river outpost event – in Azebs were defending, all guards except of the commander were Midlanders
– Fixed an issue which caused interacting with various interface elements when pressing the jump key
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