Protected spawnpoints, tweaks to guild control, new locations! (Update v.

Hello warriors!

New update is live! Besides of many tweaks and improvements to the guild territory control system, it introduces protected spawnpoints in all locations which can be captured! There are also events and resources added on the Azebian lands, as well as reworked questlines for Sangmarians.


Changelog v.

Guild Territory Control:

– Temporarily locked the War Zone time frame – it will start 2 hours before the second tournament on each server; a guild leader’s ability to set the time frame will be restored when more guild locations come to the game
– Temporarily disabled the Final Battle stage of fighting over the Skergard Castle – from now on, guild territory will be captured by a guild which controls the flag at the end of the State of War
– Reduced the State of War time frame from 3 hours to 1:15h
– Improved displaying the State of War time frame on map and in the territory management window – it wasn’t calculated from UTC if a player was from different time zone
– Added attack alerts on guild territory – from now on, its’ flag icon on map changes to a burning one only when an enemy able to capture it will appear nearby during the State of War
– Added spacebar on a guild territory’s tooltip before the guild’s name
– Added ability to quickly move back to the guild’s castle by using “/home” chat command – it can be used only once per hour


– Added protected spawnpoints in all locations which can be captured by players
– Added additional Northern road leading up to Skergard Castle
– Added more detail to courtyard in Skergard Castle
– Reworked and improved flow of the Sangmarian starting quests and added a new quest to fill the holes
– Moved the starting spawnpoint for Sangmarians to new spot
– Added new minor locations on the Azebian starting area
– Added 12 new events located between Serai and Fort Greatfall to help Azebian players to level up after completing starting quests (17-40 lvl)
– Added resources scattered around the Azebian starting area
– Added an inn South of Mereley with an event to fill the holes in quests flow
– Reduced the respawn time in safezones to 5 seconds
– Improved Fort Serai surroundings


– Fixed an issue allowing to jump inside the windows of the main building in castles
– Fixed invisible watchtower in siege camps
– Numerous fixes to minor level design bugs/glitches reported through the reporting system
– Fixed icon of dialogue-based quests displayed in the side info panel
– Fixed Ismirean quest “Change in the wind”
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