WIPE! Version 0.5 finally going to launch tomorrow!


The servers went down for maintenance, as we are wiping them at the moment. The wipe should be done until 2PM tomorrow (CET) and then the update 0.5 will be finally released! It not only introduces many so long-awaited improvements and features, such as the total rework of the inventory, guilds, NPC shops and buffs systems, awesome performance increase of the servers and a game client, an inn with a brothel or new NPC enemies, but also moves Gloria Victis to the Alpha stage!

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to organize a “goodbye” event before the wipe, as currently the servers performance was a bottleneck – they wouldn’t handle the traffic. But don’t worry – we are going to perform various events on regular basis since this massive update finally goes live!

P.S. A screenshot shows a "Dead Raven's" Inn. :)
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    25-11-2015 19:06

    Been waiting for this one for some time now. Very impressed with the improvements so far and finally guilds will mean something.

    So, which guild is going to push for domination first? :D

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    25-11-2015 19:20


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    25-11-2015 19:20

    I love you guys

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    25-11-2015 19:23

    Oh, the big news is finnaly here! Welcome good news! Hoorai!

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    25-11-2015 19:24

    That's outstanding News to hear! Great work Devs!


    So, which guild is going to push for domination first? :D

    House Aelinar! Hail Midlanders!

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    25-11-2015 19:36

    Great news!
    Tx for the excellent work!

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    25-11-2015 19:39

    Thanks guys for your awesome work once again :D

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    25-11-2015 19:48

    Thank you guys, looks so awesome! Can't wait to check it out!

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    25-11-2015 20:46

    House Aelinar's pumped and ready to kick ass on the new Alpha Build! Bazzzzzinga

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    25-11-2015 21:07

    YAY!!!:D Thank you and keep up the amazing work!