Changelog v. Alpha


Today’s update for Gloria Victis expands the available world, introducing new vast areas for either newcomers and more experienced players. In the nearest future these lands will soon be filled with numerous bandit’s camps and outposts held by deserters, as well as new challenging event chains. This expansion will allow to handle more players when Gloria Victis finally moves to Steam Early Access, which is going to happen within the next few months.

The update introduces new bosses as well – the tough individuals of the numerous species of animals, which were inhabiting the primeval, medieval forests, such as bears, wolfs or aurochs. They impress with their age and size and their hides are required to craft brand new unique items, which will be a great reward for any hunter who manages to slay any of those.

Another great improvement is implementation of the guild’s reputation. It reflects any meaningful action taken by the guild members, rising when they fight the enemy warbands, claim lands or develop structures under the control of the motherland. On the other hand, oppressing the countrymen and, in future, waging wars against the ally guilds will have a negative impact on the guild’s image.

See you on the battlefield!

Changelog v. Alpha

Reputation system:

– Implemented counting the guild’s reputation points - points earned by a character in time when it belongs to a guild affect the guild’s reputation but they stay even when a character leaves a guild; at the moment reputation history is not visible - it will be fixed in the nearest future
– Added displaying “Wanted” and “Traitor” statuses as debuffs
– Fixed numerous issues related to marking a character as a traitor


– Increased the available world’s size, expanding the newbie area South to Dunfen and Mereley - in the nearest future these lands will be filled with numerous bandits’ camps and outposts held by deserters, as well as new events chains
– Added auto-unsheathing weapon selected with a hot access bar when a character was in the exploration mode
– Improved “show available” filter in the crafting window - after checking it, only recipes for which a profession level is high enough and character has all required materials
– Reduced transparency of the faded-out chat windows
– Redesigned visuals, placement and drops of animal bosses - now they can be recognized by their outstanding size, they also drop unique hides useful to craft new items; these animals are the eldest ones of their species: boar, Aquilian boar, wolf, grey wolf, mountain wolf, aurochs, bear, cave bear and Darkhound
– Implemented butchering recipes for animal bosses - they are available in a book including the other butchering recipes
– Implemented new items - headgear crafted from skins on the animal bosses - as well as their recipes, which can be obtained by defeating the chieftains of various groups of NPC enemies


– Fixed an issue causing incorrect checking distance to the deposit and, in effect, not closing automatically when a player walked away
– Fixed an issue causing that the NPC enemies haven’t been reacting to the attacks of players when coming back to their spawnpoints
– Fixed an issue causing problems with inventory and equipping items if a player looted another character before
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    17-03-2016 10:00

    good work!

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    17-03-2016 11:42

    - Fixed enemy npcs spawning in towns?
    - Added icon for gold loot

    You should write everything, the more you add the more it looks you work hard :)

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    17-03-2016 15:47

    You need to kill OLD animals to get the skin, however old grey wold and old darkhound give old dead boar. Old boar gives old dead boar. Also had thug's fur magically appear in recipes.

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    17-03-2016 16:05

    yeah the old boar is dropping for all of the killed animals and a few of us have been none stop farming cheiftain with no sign of a single recipe not even a lower lvl one like the boar helm. Can you clarify when you say cheiftain do you mean any creature /w the name cheiftain in it or do you mean boss mobs?

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    17-03-2016 18:31

    good luck on steam !! but the next months , isnt that a bit optimistic ? hopefully you not rush that event too fast , everyone know steam users are always more critical and the netcode can still be a bit impoved and the blocking !!! i would also add a gambling game and stuff like this, so you can play a bit for your coins and have something to do in town , when a lot of steam players cant get out of town in main pvp hours or when the town get besieged. hanging out in th town should have a fun factor. the game have to be double and tripple checked for dupes and stuff like this which could be gamebreaking
    i would also look @ animations before steam release or add a donation goal for motion capture

    and i would add another 2-3 month for combat impovements and brainstorming for how it could made better , didnt played the last patch but i will do.

    What about housing instanced or not ?? why not add a castle in every town which every player can enter. in the second floor could be an instanced room for every player independently , which you can decorate and put chests inside . if the town get lost , you cant enter your room with all your goods and you are interested in getting controll of the town again. i would make every house in the town claimable and some houses outside. if there is no space people can rent the instanced room in the castle. if you have better reputance to your town you can claim the better buildings you could pay less tax , so you are interested in not murdering your own townman.

    every town could have a specific dungeon with materials having different use, like enchancement stones , side material for bashing , slashing ,piercing damage reduction. there could be more interesting magic loot to identify which should be worse then your crafted gear but could be impoved. game is too unfinished for steam imo. banks must be local ,so stuff need to be transported and loot have to be brought back to the town from the dungeon . loot and materials except armor weapon should always drop on death from pve. so you cant murder yourself and spawn with the earned materials safe in town !!! instead make a gate possible which may take longer time to cast so you can t escape a battle but will be able to fast travel if your work is done (maybe only possible outside of dungeons when no player have attacked you

    if this would be fixed first, it would make the game have a solid platform to improve and make the players play the game instead of thinking the game still unfinished .If they don´t see immediatly the concept behind the game . why to fight for towns ? because of a small buff ? people will stop playing it till it get better and the hype is over. when it have a solid platform players stay and hope for more.

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    17-03-2016 18:57

    wow they say steam and all the professionals come out also if you want rng boxes go to auden and buy the boxes for coin. also magic stats on loot enhancements for weapons is this realistic cause if you think so then Deckard Cain better be identifying my shit haha. hanging out in town should have a fun factor holy shit man I hope the pvpers don't ruin that castle fun of yours. I read your post I see instancing wanting the ability to gate do you play this game or ever read about what they want to do cause your ideas are reverse of that as for better animations they need money , can't do donations there polish laws prohibit that.

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    17-03-2016 19:11

    I agree with Baron Andy. You might want to polish animations and improve combat before releasing on Steam. If the combat isn't engaging, any boost in player numbers from the Steam release won't last very long before they move on to another game.

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    18-03-2016 15:21

    We are continuously working on it - we have reduced delays between combat animations few updates ago and we follow this direction.

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    Yrega Darkstrider

    18-03-2016 16:54


    We are continuously working on it - we have reduced delays between combat animations few updates ago and we follow this direction.

    Any chance you have someone working on improving the run/jump etc animations as well?

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    21-03-2016 15:30

    That's awesome news about steam early access, a month or so back I tried to download the launcher and wasn't working properly. Now when it comes to steam will be easier to update the game and play. Can't wait to see all the updates you guys have done. I played when you first announced it and we donated through paypal :)